October 21 , 2018

22nd Sunday after Pentecost


Greet your neighbors–Pass Friendship Pad to others in your pew, and then pass it back.



Wesleyian Medley

C. Wesley

Welcome & Announcements, Joys and Concerns

Montreat Moment

Alyssa Molnar & Amanda Kavaja

Call To Worship

Lyn Fales

L: Praise the Lord, for God is great indeed!

P: Let us sing praises for God’s glorious works.

L: We give glory, honor, and thanksgiving to the Lord,

P: who makes and sustains all things.

L: Let us worship God.

Opening Prayer

*Hymn #23

“God, You Spin the Whirling Planets”

*Call To Confession

*Prayer Of Confession

Merciful God, we have wanted reward without sacrifice. We have been unwilling to serve and have not humbled ourselves in obedience. Forgive us, gracious God. Correct our ignorant ways and help us to know your glory through servanthood. Guide us to be true followers of your way, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

*Silent Prayer Of Confession

*Assurance Of Pardon

* Response

(tune of “Come Thou Font of Every Blessing”)

Hear the good news of salvation; Jesus died to show God’s love.

Such great kindness! Such great mercy! Come to us from heaven above.

Jesus Christ, how much we love you. Jesus Christ, you save from sin.

How we love you. Look upon us. Love us still and cleanse within.

Children’s Chat

Pastor Mindy


God is So Good

R. Wagner


Prayer For Illumination

First Lesson

Job 38:1-7, 34-41

Second Lesson

Mark 10:35-45



Pastor Mindy


*Hymn #738

“O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee”

Reception Of New Members

Stephen and Lauren Weber

*Affirmation Of Faith

A Brief Statement of Faith

In In life and in death we belong to God. Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, we trust in the one triune God, the Holy One of Israel, whom alone we worship and serve. We trust in God, whom Jesus called Abba, Father. In sovereign love God created the world good and makes everyone equally in God’s image, male and female, of every race and people, to live as one community. But we rebel against God; we hide from our Creator, ignoring God’s commandments. We violate the image of God in others and ourselves, accept lies as truth, exploit neighbor and nature, and threaten death to the planet entrusted to our care. We deserve God’s condemnation. Yet God acts with justice and mercy to redeem creation. In everlasting love, the God of Abraham and Sarah chose a covenant people to bless all families of the earth. Hearing their cry, God delivered the children of Israel from the house of bondage. Loving us still, God makes us heirs with Christ of the covenant. Like a mother who will not forsake her nursing child, like a father who runs to welcome the prodigal home, God is faithful still. With believers in every time and place, we rejoice that nothing in life or in death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.




C. Franck

*Doxology #606

“Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow”

*Offertory Prayer

Prayers of God’s people and the Lord’s prayer


*Hymn #307

“God of Grace and God of Glory”


* Hymn #601



Allegro maestoso

F. Mendelsohn